Change your mouse cursor

Ubuntu comes by default with a 'classic' white cursor.
After a while it becomes boring. Let's change it!

Go to Gnome-Look and e.g. download the FedoraCore6 cursor.

Install mouse cursor:
  • Extract the zip/tar.gz content to the folder /home/'your username'/.icons
  • Then go to System » Preferences » Mouse
  • Go to Pointers tab (just like the picture) and select the new pointer/cursor.
If you know more cool cursors, please submit a comment.


Anonymous said...

I've done that, but the cursor theme didn't listed there (Ubuntu 9.04)

uterrorista said...

That correct;)
That window/menu now is located at: System » Preferences » Theme » Customize » Pointer

Anonymous said...

it works but i want cool cursors from the INTERNET.

Jella said...

it is we used in my ubuntu system the cursors are very attraction me.

adithya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meow Opre said...

Very useful. I'm also having fun changing my mouse cursor and could do the basic personalized mouse pointer . <3

Pawel Co Faddey said...

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