Glipper [clipboard manager]

The default clipboard manager of Microsoft Windows operating system enables pasting after closing host application of the copied data, but doesn't have the copy history feature. Users needing this functionality often run a more powerful clipboard manager in parallel with the default one.

The UNIX desktop environment KDE ships with Klipper. GNOME doesn't ship with a clipboard manager by default but
Glipper (text only) or Desktop Data Manager (text and images) can be used. Both enable pasting after closing the host application and both also have a copy history feature.

It is really annoying when you make [Ctrl]+[C] in any application and when you close that application that information is lost.. the solution is Glipper:

to install Glipper
$ sudo apt-get install glipper
Glipper can be found at: Applications » Acessories » Glipper

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