Bluetooth @ ubuntu - kdebluetooth/kbluetooth

I've some difficulties connecting my Nokia 6820 to the Laptop (maybe it was just my ignorance...)
And know i've a band new Sony Ericsson M600i.

The question survived : How to send files to my phone?

I was using the default gnome bluetooth manager... That was not enough..
I did some research and found out that Kde bluetooth manager was (much) better.


How to use

  • Launch kbluetooh
    An icon will appear at Notification area.
  • Click and you'll get the window previously showed..
    Then the Computer will automatically scan for bluetooth devices(e.g: M600i.box). Remember to turn on your bluetooth's phone.
  • Click on M600i.box icon, then File transfer/Obex File Transfer.
  • Now check your mobile phone. A message asking permission to pair the phone with computer should pop up. Accept it. And enter 'pair code'. At your computer will pop up a window asking the same 'pair code'.
Now you have the two devices are paired. You can explore your mobile content. Copy/Drag files wherever you want to.
Note: depending your mobile phone model you'll still need to check your phone to accept the connection everytime you explore a different folder at your computer.

  • Direct link:
  • or console:
sudo apt-get install kdebluetooth

  • Note: you will need to install konqueror and obexftp at least..
    Don't know if any more dependences are necessary because I've KDE installed on my computer.

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