Geek Joke

  1. Eight bytes walk into a bar. The bartender asks:
    » "Can I get you anything?"
    » "Yeah," reply the bytes, "Make us a double!".

  2. Two bytes are sitting in a bar. One says:
    » "I'm not feeling so well. I think I might have a parity error."
    » "Yeah," says the other, "I thought you looked a bit off."


My fonts @ Arch Linux


Need to install:

pacman -S artwiz-fonts ttf-ms-fonts
# artwiz-fonts is not really necessary but is a 'nice pack'.

Installing ttf-ms-fonts gives me a damm big bug! My fonts at the login became huge. Size 100 at lest. Use at you own risk...



What is it?
"A pacman frontend for Archlinux"
Yaourt is a command line interface program which complete pacman for installing software on Archlinux. Written by Julien Mischkowitz.


  • Edit:
    # nano /etc/pacman.conf
  • And add:
    Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/i686

    Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/x86_64
  • Update & install:
    # pacman -Sy yaourt
Yaourt + sudo:
  • Edit:
    # nano /etc/sudoers
  • Edit it to something like this:
    # User alias specification
    User_Alias POWERUSER=user

    # Cmnd alias specification
    Cmnd_Alias YAOURT=/usr/bin/pacman, /usr/bin/pacdiffviewer

    # User privilege specification
    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
  • Search and install
    yaourt [keywords]: quick search + install
    yaourt -S [packages] : install package, Compile it from AUR if needed
    yaourt -Ss [keywords] : search on repos and on AUR (with notice for already installed packages)
    yaourt -Sb [packages] : install a packages by compilation from sources (abs)
    yaourt -Sl [repos] : prompt for packages of the selected repos (emphasize those already installed)
    yaourt -Qs [keywords] : colorized ouput of installed packages and the repos where they come from
    yaourt -Qo [progname] or [filename] : shows the package which provides the program or the file
  • Updgrade:
    yaourt -Syu : complete update and upgrade of the system (onlys from repos)
    yaourt -Syu --aur : complete update and upgrade, even for packages coming from AUR
    yaourt -Sybu --aur : complete update and upgrade by compilation of all packages (repos and AUR)
    yaourt -Su --devel : update and upgrade of cvs/svn/mercurial/git packages
  • Cleaning:
    yaourt -C : editing and merging of .pacnew/.pacsave
    yaourt -Cc : removal of all .pacnew/.pacsave
    yaourt -Qt : search for orphaned packages
    yaourt -Cd : search for obsolete repos
  • Other options:
    --export [directory] : exports compiled packages for gensync
    yaourt -S --aur [packages] : forces compilation from AUR for a packages which is also in repos
    yaourt -G [packages] : retrive PKGBUILD and local sources in current directory.
    yaourt -B : backup the pacman database
Read more at:
» http://archlinux.fr/yaourt-en/
» http://wiki.archlinux.fr/howto:archlinux:yaourt


New Template

I've already stop searching for more templates.
This is the one. It's very web2.0 and eye candy..

There are still some minor details do change (banner, etc) but this will be the essence of the blog.

We hope you enjoyed ;)


Layout Testing

We're testing and searching new template.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused..


Java + Compiz

Start by downloading this patch for the jre engine, and then move it to the path of the folder and uncompress it.

$ cd /path/of/the/patch/
$ tar -xf patch.tar
$ cd patch

Now You will do a backup off rt.jr. Usually the path to rt.jr is /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/. I suppose that you are using the latest sun java version.

$ sudo cp /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/rt.jar /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/rt.jar.old
$ sudo cp /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/rt.jar rt.zip

Now you will apply the patch:

$ zip -f rt.zip sun/awt/X11/*
$ sudo cp rt.zip /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/rt.jar

After that you will be able to run any application who use java, like mercury messenger.