What is it?
"A pacman frontend for Archlinux"
Yaourt is a command line interface program which complete pacman for installing software on Archlinux. Written by Julien Mischkowitz.


  • Edit:
    # nano /etc/pacman.conf
  • And add:
    Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/i686

    Server = http://repo.archlinux.fr/x86_64
  • Update & install:
    # pacman -Sy yaourt
Yaourt + sudo:
  • Edit:
    # nano /etc/sudoers
  • Edit it to something like this:
    # User alias specification
    User_Alias POWERUSER=user

    # Cmnd alias specification
    Cmnd_Alias YAOURT=/usr/bin/pacman, /usr/bin/pacdiffviewer

    # User privilege specification
    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
  • Search and install
    yaourt [keywords]: quick search + install
    yaourt -S [packages] : install package, Compile it from AUR if needed
    yaourt -Ss [keywords] : search on repos and on AUR (with notice for already installed packages)
    yaourt -Sb [packages] : install a packages by compilation from sources (abs)
    yaourt -Sl [repos] : prompt for packages of the selected repos (emphasize those already installed)
    yaourt -Qs [keywords] : colorized ouput of installed packages and the repos where they come from
    yaourt -Qo [progname] or [filename] : shows the package which provides the program or the file
  • Updgrade:
    yaourt -Syu : complete update and upgrade of the system (onlys from repos)
    yaourt -Syu --aur : complete update and upgrade, even for packages coming from AUR
    yaourt -Sybu --aur : complete update and upgrade by compilation of all packages (repos and AUR)
    yaourt -Su --devel : update and upgrade of cvs/svn/mercurial/git packages
  • Cleaning:
    yaourt -C : editing and merging of .pacnew/.pacsave
    yaourt -Cc : removal of all .pacnew/.pacsave
    yaourt -Qt : search for orphaned packages
    yaourt -Cd : search for obsolete repos
  • Other options:
    --export [directory] : exports compiled packages for gensync
    yaourt -S --aur [packages] : forces compilation from AUR for a packages which is also in repos
    yaourt -G [packages] : retrive PKGBUILD and local sources in current directory.
    yaourt -B : backup the pacman database
Read more at:
» http://archlinux.fr/yaourt-en/
» http://wiki.archlinux.fr/howto:archlinux:yaourt


ponto said...

yaourt is awesome :3

Anonymous said...

Como é que conseguiste colocar as letras tão nítidas?

Estou a falar as letras do File, Edit, View, etc..

Por mais que tente, não consigo colocar bem as letras. As minhas estão com demasiado "blur". É a única coisa que me falta para ter o Arch a funcionar a 100%! :)

ponto said...


pode dar jeito.

uterrorista said...

acho que foi:
pacman -S artwiz-fonts ttf-ms-fonts

e depois escolhes as letra: Verdana..

as letras minaram-me o sistema. tanto mexi nisso que fiquei com as letras no login com tamanho 100 ou raio!

boa dica ;)

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