Linux Distribution Chooser

If you have doubt's about choosing the best Gnu/Linux distribution to you, this site can help.
It will ask you some questions, inquiring you about your experience and preferences with Linux.

If you wanna see some screenshots of the different distros, go here!

PS: if you make the test, let me know about the result!
I got Ubuntu, Debian and Xubuntu! I already use Ubuntu :D !

»Linux Distribution Chooser: Homepage
»Linux Screenshots: The coding studio


António Manuel Dias said...

I also took the test, and the result was:

1. Kubuntu
2. Debian
3. Ubuntu

I now use Ubuntu, with KDE4 installed and OpenBox as my primary WM. I guess the test's answer was pretty good.

何震邦 said...

I am using Fedora and I get

1. Fedora
2. Mandriva
3. OpenSuSE

The test is awesome!