Open RAW (.cr2) images with Gimp

I have a Canon 400D, and today i tried to take some pictures and experiment some HDR effects on them. I took some pictures in RAW mode, with -2EV, 0EV and +2EV. Uploaded it to PC and boom! Gimp (or any other program) can't open CR2 files...

How to open *.cr2 files at Linux? Simple: install ufraw:
sudo apt-get install ufraw gimp-ufraw

Now, open ufraw (press ALT+F2 and type ufraw) and load the cr2 image. Then in the right bottom click at the Gimp button. Gimp will be launched and loads you image.

If you're interred on HDR effects, try qtpfsgui.


Rudy said...

Welcome back!

uterrorista said...

It seems weird an year later coming back, write something and someone congratulates us. But it feels good :)

Thank you.

TruXter said...

Seems no one has solved this?
Great ... the "IT" guy in charge of my computer installations wants to run some crap that uses every resource I have.. I was hoping for a way around this.

Алексей said...

it can be possible in IrvanView with Wine/

Lola said...

Thank you, it works!

(I'm about : sudo apt-get install ufraw gimp-ufraw)

Thanks :)

Lukman Hakim said...

- tengkyu bro
- ups..
- thankyou bro -

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